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* Puntos de referencia. Reference points. Miriam Libhaber. Landucci Editors. 2012. Mexico City

* International Dictionary of Artists. 2011+2013. WWAB. USA

* DVD Catalog on Eco-Living. Port Louis, Mauritius 

* The Masters Volume III + Volume IV. International Contemporary Masters 2011. WWAB. USA

* VI Exposicion Euroamericana de Artes Visuales. Campeche, Mexico 2009

* 15º, 16º, 17º, 28º, 29º, 30º, 31º, 32º, 33º Mini Print Cadaques Barcelona, Spain

* 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th , 12th , 13th  World Art Print Annual – Mini Print. Contemporary Bulgarian and International Art. Lessedra, Bulgaria. 

* Canacintra Magazine “Transformación”- Transformation. February 2013. Interview by Reyna Zapata. Pages 45>47

Reference points is a book-catalog, published in Mexico in 2012. I dedicated myself to observing the most emblematic buildings of my city and capturing them one by one in the monotype technique. And leave in writing the most important data of each one, as a tribute to my first Masters. Giving honor to whom honor deserves! 

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Miriam invites us to review, to contemplate her creative work as a way to express the happiest feelings that humans have.

Julio César Schara

Qro. 2017

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Faces of a Metropolis

There are white cities and grey cities, cities with flower patches and cities where steel prevails. However, in the massive body of each, one can separate features one can discern faces. Facades are more than symbols. They are their countenance. 

Conceived as a swift collection of portraits, Miriam Libhaber’s is a family reunion of this modern and dysfunctional family. The Metropolis.

The famous, the conceivable, the foreseeable and the foregoing, they are there, side by side and all in front of us.

We assign, as appropriate when describing them, what we see.  A little bit of meditation or a little bit of humor. We feel some amazement or some understanding. The strokes not only mark out the hesitancy of the silhouettes.  In these snapshots, color reveals the character. It reveals the intention of these constructions where, occasionally, contradictory spirits dwell. There are bright smiles and painful sneers. Places of commotion and places for withdrawal. Chatty or silent faces, 

Maliyel Beverido

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