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Currently, the subject that I am most passionate about: architecture!

Since some years ago, I realized that it is part of my training since I was a child ... I am still interested in traveling and learning about architectural forms, I learned to locate them in their historical moment, reviewing the time of their construction depending on the political situation, economic and ideological of the place where they are, the urban situation, ... to observe them, to analyze them in all senses: location, dimensions, proportions, rhythm, orientation, microclimate, formal reading, their environmental context ..., the emotions that they generate to the inhabitants of the place and the visitors, etc., I enjoy a town or a big city. Mexico being my hometown I am passionate ... there too, I behave as a tourist.


The philosophical support with which I relied from the beginning to address my favorite characters: buildings, rooms, the urban, begins with a paragraph of a dialogue between Phaedrus and Socrates from Paul Valéry's book, Eupalinos or the Architect, “Have you not observed, when walking around this city, that among the buildings that compose it, some are silent, others speak and others, finally, the rarest, sing? " ... Reflection on the content of these words allowed me to notice that constructions also speak to me, they present specific human properties and characteristics, they have their own personality, just like human beings. I can add to that paragraph: the buildings not only sing or speak, there are also those who disguise themselves as those in front of them or they blend in with the sky, they dress in mirrors, as if they did not want to show themselves; there are anorexics, irreverent, conceited, simple, delicate, imposing, etc., some are extraordinary, making themselves known for the new technology, causing the astonishment to those who pass by, repulsion, annoyance, exaltation, enthusiasm, .... etc., all the emotions that humans perceive, including even falling in love!


The monoprint or monotype is a single result, not a serial, of a stamped graphic. 

The picture is achieved by contact from a picture painted or drawn on a rigid support when the pigment is still wet; reason why, it is a unique piece. 


The monotype is situated on the border between the engraving and painting, because it is performed with engraving and painting techniques to achieve a single original. 


The final result is vital and unique, therefore exclusive and unrepeatable.

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