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Miriam Libhaber

Art, for me lives in a territory that is similar to a game. It has the same seduction, mystery, and ability to generate reflections. Fiction exists in art and in games as reality that drives to action, as transformation to be released of hindrance and as builder of the new present.


My work is built through personal life experiences that I decant in order to turn them into artistic scenes that are perceived as a story playing to be real.   Scenes of understandings and misunderstandings which by means of color and forms talk about circumstances and express emotions that exist in a time that is as undefined as well as present.  One of the essential cores in my work is color since I consider that their vibrations generate emotions that excite gratitude for life.


Through creating characters, landscapes and coexistences that are developed among discourses that are almost abstract I turn my experiences into a mirror where I wish everyone could be reflected.   


My mission as an artist is centered in the possibility to be grateful for life.  My creative proposal revolves around happiness.

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